An introduction to LiveatBrazzers; What do they actually offer?

We want to start out our reviews by sharing the fact that this is not a genuine sex chat site and the prices and costs are a moot point because you really using another site when you join via the landing page.

The site is merely an affiliate site of a real underlining adult webcams platform. The show costs and prices are not the issue.

We share information and adult webcam reviews (the real platforms that offer different underlining user experiences) and one of our goals is to inform people of which sites are original and which adult webcam sites are not.

In this case, this is not a real original site. See below and join the underlining platform.

Is liveatbrazzers Safe? And is it really free?

Yes but always, always register at the REAL UNDERLINING SITE that rather than the duplicate site which is what you ran into before checking the reviews for this site.

What you need to know is that by using the clone type sites over time you increase costs for all users of cam sites because you making money for a stranger who simply has an affiliate version of the real thing.

You should instead go to the source of the real shows, the actual place the handles the website. This is what we are showing you here.

More importantly, is nothing more than a Streamate clone site. If you want to use this site, which it is a really popular site you really should use the underlining service and join via

Go see for yourself, is just a copy of this real website…

LiveatBrazzers Review
LiveatBrazzers Review

visit the site

Read the full Streamate reviews here. Streamate is a very good site but it makes zero sense to join on a copy of the original site when you can join at the original site.

Considering there is nothing at all original at, the reviews are the same for all the clone sites of this platform.


Is liveatbrazzers a scam?

While it is certainly not a scam it’s hard to say that it’s not misleading. Transparency is adult cams is important and even if the site itself works great it’s important people know who actually operated the sex cams platform itself.

Even it this webcam chat site works the same as the original it is still a clone, fake, and copy of the true platform. This xxx webcam chat site is just a white label version of the true website.

While adult webcam site maybe safe we are of the belief that thin content sites like are a bit misleading. is nothing more than a logo over the top of Streamate. Streamate is the REAL site you would be joining when you join

DO NOT JOIN THIS SITE VIA THEIR JOIN PAGE. Instead, join at the real site where the services are originating from.

Likewise, your username and password work on all the clone or copy sites once you register at the main platform on all these thin content clone sites.

Instead, refer back to our list of original adult webcam sites so that you can ensure you are dealing directly with the underlining platform.

I hope that our reviews have given you the information to make a more informed decision. You can also check out our list of the best adult webcams sites.

By all means, this is a fun and fine site to join, but if you do so do join via the real underlining platform…

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