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If only adult webcam sites spoke as clearly as we do about what we do.

We Believe in Being Transparent in Our Reviews…

In a fast paced world where everything is written sales mantra, we think transparency and just telling it exactly like it is, is critically important. Below is what we do, how we do it, and who pays us. No magic just real hard work and honest research so we can get you information you can trust.

We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose service we review. We test each site thoroughly and give high ranks to only the very best adult webcams sites. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

The services we offer are adult webcam reviews. We research, test, and try out video chat sites for adults, adult webcams services, and live sex cam sites of all types in all parts of the world.

These are the types of adult webcam resources and information we provide which you can find at our website www.AdultWebcam.Site.. In our opinion, this adult webcams web site is the ultimate consumer resource, FAQ, directory, and wiki pertaining to just the topic of using live sex cams!

What Makes AdultWebcam.Sites Unique

Before our site there was no other website on the worldwide web where a user could see the REAL cam site then all the clone or fake sites operated under the real platforms right next to it. Here let me show you…

Streamate original versus clone sites. We suggest you stick to the original sites.
Streamate original versus clone sites. We suggest you stick to the original sites

When you type Streamate into the search bar here at www.AdultWebcam.Site you get this result. (see image). This clearly shows consumers what actual platform they is handling their transactions at cam sites when they join at the thousands of clone sites operating under main platforms. It also helps people make more informed decisions and understand who they are actually doing business with. When you have more information it leads to more informed decisions! Try this search yourself. Then you will see what I mean. Our months of research shows that there are over 5,000 copy, fake, or clone adult cam sites. Therefore, we tell you the real underlining business and original sites so you can register at the true source.

Likewise we get the details on all the latest programs and deals directly from the top ranked live adult chat sites giving us the most recently information.

Together with our own research and experiences we think that this gives us an edge is being able to suggest which cam sites are the best! We even have a adult webcam wiki sharing lots of useful information like the value of tokens on chaturbate (review at that link) to the similarities between different live sex sites. Our ‘Sites Like’ page connects you to the most similar adult webcam site to the one your currently using.

So go ahead and explore all the great resources at your fingertips here at Adult Webcam Site  check out our easy-to-understand comparison tables and read our detailed adult cam reviews.

Likewise also realize we have special pages dedicated to popular topics including what the largest adult webcam site, what is the best gay cam site, which sites offer real free adult webcams, and which cam sites are actually just clones. We can also help you locate just the most mobile adult webcams sites.

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